Mulethi Powder


  • 100% Organic and natural.
  • free from chemicals and fabricated color.
  • Brighten your skin.
  • It also acts as an antibacterial agent.
  • It is a remedy of cough and cold.


Vedicayurvedas Mulethi Powder is 100% organic in nature. This product is free from chemical, Mulethi powder is suitable for your skin and hair. It is a remedy for cough and cold. This product is used to make nourishes of your damaged scalp and hair It also prevents dandruff. Help for fair complexion.


  1. Mix the VedicAyurveda Organic Mulethi Powder with enough Water to get thin Consistent Paste.
  2. Apply the Mixture on Your Skin & Hair and Allow it to Dry for 40-mins and Wash it.
  3. For best results use thrice a Week.

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