Activated Charcoal Powder for Face

Introduction to Activated Charcoal Powder for Face

Have you ever seen coal or activated charcoal?

This charcoal comes from the wood of trees, coconut shell, livings organisms, and natural resources. Applying high temperature and pressure to them they changed into charcoal. After crushing activated solid charcoal into powder form we get an activated charcoal powder that uses as a face mask.

Activated Charcoal powder for face

It seems to look black and odorless that why this is not looking attractive to others. Its properties for absorbing toxic make them valuable for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Now it uses for medicinal purposes and cosmetic products so you can found them in your home also. Maybe it is present in your toothpaste, skincare products, water filter machine, etc.

How to make Activated Charcoal powder

It makes from charcoal or coal but it is different from them in various ways. Charcoal converted into activated charcoal. After applying extremely high temperature changes its surface properties. High temperature increases the number of pores which helps them to trap dust particles and impurities.

activated charcoal powder for face

Inactivated charcoal has a wider surface area for adsorption and lots of binding sites for binding impurities. According to a research paper which is publishing in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in 2016 shows that surface area of 50 gm of activated charcoal has 17.5 times more than a complete football field.

How activated charcoal powder works

Activated Charcoal works through the adsorption process. In the Adsorption process impurities or dust which is adsorbate make thin films to the surface of activated charcoal which is adsorbent. The Charcoal pores have contained a negative charge which attracts the positive charged impurities or dust. This attraction is helpful to bind the impurities to the surface of activated charcoal. It is helpful to carry toxins from inside the body.

Activated Charcoal Powder for face

Activated charcoal powder is the best natural ingredient for cleansing the pores of the skin for healthy skin. It helps you to get younger-looking skin. This has proven that it reaches deep into skin pores to remove the dust, impurities, and toxic particles. It gives you healthy or more glowing skin. Cleaned skin pores help them to prevent infection. This prevents blockage of skin pores which are the main causes of blackheads and acne.

Activated charcoal is nonreactive. It also prevents any type of allergic reactions to sensitive skin. Its uses as remedies for many allergic skin problems. For better results, it will also use with Multani mitti and lemon peel powder for healthy glowing skin. The activated Charcoal powder works as a natural face mask for the skin.

Health benefits of Activated charcoal powder

  • Uses for a healthy kidney

Several studies show that it may help to remove out the toxins which are originating from urea. It also helps to improve kidney function. It also prevents gastrointestinal problems and inflammation. This is a cause of chronic kidney diseases.

  • Uses for diarrhea

In recent years studies tell that it helps to prevent diarrhea by removing bacteria. It acts as a drug by trapping bacteria on its textured surface.

  • Uses for oral problems

It is contained by the toothpaste or powder for cleaning or whitening teeth. It is used as an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and detoxifying agent.

  • Used as a deodorant

This is a natural product that is also used as a deodorant. This is because of its absorbing smell, harmful gases which make it ideal for shoe and refrigerator deodorant. It is also helpful during the rainy season by control the humidity level of the room.

  • Used for drinking water

It uses in the water filter RO filtering the drinking water. It helps to remove the toxins, drugs. Viruses, bacteria, fungus, and chemicals present in water.

  • Used for Emergency Poison Treatment

Due to its binding properties to toxics, it uses as an anti poisons treatment to treat the overdosing of the drug. Several studies show that if activated charcoal is following under five minutes of drug consumption. It helps to reduce the effect of that drug up to 74%.

  • Used to reduce cholesterol levels

It is also helpful for manage the cholesterol level by absorbing the cholesterol. It also controls cholesterol-containing bile acids which reduce the risks of blockage in blood vessels.

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Apart from medicinal uses activated Charcoal is used in industrial applications, analytical chemical applications, Environmental operations, agriculture uses Fuel storage, Gas purification, chemical purification, etc. Therefore it is one of the beneficial natural products that are present on the earth which has a wide variety of applications.




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