Sandalwood Face Pack Powder

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As we grow old, our skin gets old too. Sandalwood Face Pack Powder is one of the solutions. Your skin bears all the pollution, dust, smoke, heat of the sun, and chemicals. This makes your skin look old and damaged. You get so many blackheads, sun tan, sunburn, patches, and other skin-related problems.


    Sandalwood Face Pack Powder   Sandalwood Face Pack Powder

Your skin protects you from all these. It needs all the care and that too naturally. You need the best organic product for your skin. Natural products don’t harm your skin. As we keep ourselves healthy by eating healthy, applying herbal products keeps our skin healthy. It ensures that your skin retains its youth and glow. Herbal Products are made with all-natural ingredients. Multani mitti, Aloe-Vera, Sandalwood Face Pack Powder, and Turmeric are some of their examples. Natural ingredients cause no harm to your skin. It prevents your skin from breakout and irritation. Following this routine may help in getting rid of skin damage, wrinkles, and spots. Vedicayurveda Sandalwood or Chandanis prized in Ayurveda as an excellent beauty ingredient that is natural, reliable, and effective. It is usually available as a brown-beige-looking smooth powder which is derived from the fragrant wood of the Genus Santalum tree. sandalwood helps to get rid of a suntan. It also helps to soothe sunburn and has a cooling effect, reducing the redness caused due to sunburn One of the best natural products for the skin is Sandalwood Face Pack Powder, It has a lot of benefits.


Benefits of Sandalwood Face Pack Powder:

    • It has also helped in getting rid of suntan.

    • Eliminates skin acne, scar marks, and pigmentation.

    • Natural and pure, Contains no artificial ingredients and very fine powder form.

Why should one go for Natural Products?


Not only your skin is getting benefits, but you are also contributing to the environment as well. Being sustainable is the other major boon. Moreover, Using natural products for your skin ensures stable results. Whereas, Chemical Products are just for a temporary result. Vedicayurvedas work in the same field. It provides you with all that your skin needs. It launched some best organic skincare products. To buy this product from Flipkart, click here.


Customer Reviews

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Best face pack I ever used

sandalwood face pack powder natural and good scented . I have been using it regularly and it had helped me clearing my acne, soothe sun burns, remove suntan, reduce wrinkles and dry skin. I have used it with 1 tbsp of milk every day, I can see the difference between my skin. My skin is glowing and clear then before. I highly recommend this . Loved it .

Useful product!

Sandalwood powder is effective for curing acne,blackheads, infections, etc. Has anti bacterial properties. Daily use of this can eliminate bacteria causing pimples. Can be applied by mixing with your fav ingredients to skin.

Aditya Dasun
Best face pack I've ever used

This sandalwood face pack powder is really helpful to remove blackheads and acnes from skin and it cleans the skin naturally. It's the best products I have ever used. It makes my skin so soft.

Varsha Sharma
Four Stars

A pure sandalwood for face pack. I use it with rose water, works great.

Tina Dixit
good for skin

This Sandalwood face pack prevents skin problems like breakouts, pimples, and dark spots. It doesn't have any sort of side effects as it is completely natural.



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