Reetha Powder For Hair Growth

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Introduction to Reetha Powder For Hair


Reetha Powder for Hair is famous in India for its medicinal uses since ancient times. Commonly used as a hair cleanser In India. It is a plant-based medicine that has a wide variety of benefits. This is cultivated only on clay soil. Reetha Powder consists of many different properties such that it is completely natural, eco–friendly, cheap and reusable, and several other qualities. This is also known as a natural detergent due to having a cleaning essence that is present in the shell. In Ayurveda, it is mentioned that it has the property to maintain and balance all the dosha which is vat, pita, kaph, etc. 


    Reetha Powder For Hair    Reetha Powder For Hair

Reetha Powder helps control hair fall by removing dandruff from the scalp.


Vedicayurvedas Reetha powder is an organic and natural remedy for sorting all hair problems. Reetha is also capable of growing your lengthy hair naturally. It is also a good treatment for damaged hair. Reetha powder has a low pH value so it is mild ingredients. Meanwhile,  Regularly use Reetha powder in your hair to make your hair shiny 
Reetha Powder For Hair Wash

How to apply Reetha Powder for Hair 

    • Apply all over the scalp and hair, massage to create a lather, and leave on for a few minutes.

    • Wash your hair thoroughly with plain cool water.

Reetha Powder for Hair


Reetha or Soapnuts is likewise called Arishtak in Ayurveda. Also, “Cleanser nut tree” in India. It contains a natural surfactant, called Saponin that helps create foam to clean dirt, dust, and oil in the hair. The concentration of vitamins in Saponin enhances the shine of the hair and reduces dryness, making the hair look silky and voluminous. Using this healthy and natural alternative strengthens the hair from the root. Moreover, Reetha Powder For Hair helps to control dandruff and promotes hair growth due to its Tridosha balancing property. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Reetha plants help with treating scalp diseases and avoid dandruff and lice. 




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