VEDICAYURVEDA Natural Brown Hair Color with No Ammonia For Men and Women

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Natural Brown Hair Color


Vedicayurved natural brown hair color with no ammonia color help to enhance your hair color quality, it will cover your grey hair and give you a natural look. it is a complete hair treatment that gives you color, prevents hair loss, and dandruff, suitable for hypoallergenic people. it offers an excellent way of conditioning hair and smoothing the split ends. vedicayurvedas know your problems this color is totally different from other chemical products from chemical products, we know when people are using chemicals after some days they have to face a lot of problems and start hair problems like grey hair, hair fall, scalp problems,  premature, etc. natural brown hair color is made by Heena leaf and many more things, and this is Bio-organic process to make this powder. This is no ammonia-free hair color it is harmless and has no side effects. this is best for hair color. 


   Natural Brown Hair Color with No Ammonia For Men and Women      Natural Brown Hair Color with No Ammonia For Men and Women

Benefits Natural Brown Hair Color

Protect hair from damage It helps to hide grey hair Useful in enhancing the hair color natural hair color helps to make hair softer and shinier 


How To use


Empty 1 sachet in a bowl and  3 times a water Mix into a paste and apply the paste on your washed dried hair Leave for over 30 minutes Rinse hair thoroughly until water runs clear 



Ayurvedic Ingredients:- Natural  Brown Hair Color

HeenaAmlaShikakaiTulsiReethaBhringrajBrahmi, Katta Powder Coffee, and Other Ayurvedic Herbs with all nature’s blessed ingredients that work wonderfully in nourishing the scalp, hair papilla, and hair pigments that are responsible for the hair color. 

Natural Brown Hair Color

This natural burgundy hair color mix lots of herbal powder which is also good for hair, Henna, Amla, Shikakai, Tulsi, Reetha, Bhringraj, Brahmi, and Katta Powder Coffee, natural Burgundy hair color is the best for hair treatment, and scalp treatment. 


 Heena:- Vedicayurvedas Heena Leaf Powder is a certified product. It is used to preserve your hair color and remove your dandruff easily. This powder is suitable for your hands and hair too. It helps to prevent hair loss, It helps your hair be shiny and bouncy. 


 Amla:- Vedicayurvedas is a 100% natural organic product to keep your hair shining and healthy. Amla fruits contain proteins and vitamins In this product is no added chemical it’s natural. This Amla powder grows your natural hair color. And enhance your skin tone naturally.


Shikakai:- Vedicayurvedas Shikakai Powder is naturally organic and makes your hair grow faster and shiny also. It will cover your white hair and add a dark faded shade. Shikakai can clean your scalp and relieve itching and damaged hair. Shikakai is also rich in antioxidants. and also added vitamins A, C, K, and D to make Nourishing your hair.  


Tulsi:- Tulsi is known for its medicinal and spiritual properties. It is the herb that is “the incomparable one”. Revered as an “elixir of life”.Vedicayurveda Tulsi Powder is may lower blood pressure and cholesterol by regulating cortisol levels, reducing the risk of stroke, heart attack, and other related diseases. It can also help relieve headaches. Tulsi works like magic on your body, whether eaten raw or applied topically on the skin. Using tulsi powder you can get rid of dandruff.


Reetha:- Vedicayurvedas Reetha powder is an organic and natural remedy for sorting all hair problems. Reetha is also capable of growing your lengthy hair naturally. It is also a good treatment for damaged hair. Reetha powder has a low pH value so it is a mild ingredient. Regularly use Reetha powder in your hair to make your hair shiny. 


Bhringraj:- Vedicayurvedas Bhringraj leaf Powder for hair is very effective on dry hair, it promotes the growth of your hair. In Bhringraj leaf, Powder is enriched in vitamins and Antioxidants. This product is made of fresh crops. Bhringraj leaf Powder is very effective in preventing hair splits and protecting your hair from chemical damage and pollution. 


Brahmi:- Vedicayurveda Brahmi or the ‘herb of grace’ is one of the most popular medicinal herbs in Ayurveda. Benefits for hair Reduces hair fall: Brahmi powder helps nourish the roots well and accelerates hair growth by thickening the roots. Brahmi also helps to keep the scalp cool and strengthens the hair follicles. 


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Customer Reviews

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I used this no ammonia brown hair color on my mum and and her hairs returned out to be dark brown as my mums hair were jet black this product did change the color of her hair...

Best Product

No Ammonia brown hair color really good I am very happy and very very satisfied with this hair color because result is as expected as I want. Thank you vedicayurveda....

Tina Dixit
Go for it!!!

My hair is dark brown to black and No ammonia hair color is good for my hair!! Very happy with the result.

Yash Dangori
Nice product

I like it. No ammonia brown hair color......



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