Dandruff Remedy 

Dandruff Remedy 

Is your dandruff problem making you uncomfortable? Your scalp itchiness is increasing with the Dandruff? Vedicayurvedas has come with a Solution. Its new Amla Powder acts as a dandruff remedy. You don’t need to worry when Vedic ayurvedas is here. Vedicayurvedas solved the problem of dandruff. Now say no to embarrassment. 



What is the reason for dandruff?

There is a myth that dandruff occurs when there is a dirty scalp. But it is caused by a fungus called  “Malassezia globosa” that resides on the scalp. It basically causes itching,flaking,irritation etc. It can happen to anyone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


While this is a very common problem that happens to everyone but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it , if this is left untreated this may cause inflammation of the scalp and other various symptoms that are difficult to treat.


So, What’s the dandruff remedy?


You can use Amla Powder from VEDIC AYURVEDA  as your dandruff remedy. It cures dandruff problem easily and effectively at a short interval of time and also at an affordable price. The product is 100% organic and natural , no chemicals are added.

dandruff remedy


The product comprises proteins and vitamins of amla fruit. The amla powder helps in growing natural hair colour. The product provides various benefits at just a minimum price to cure dandruff as well as making hair healthier than ever. 


The procedure for using this product is also so easy and simple :


1). Mix the vedic ayurveda amla powder with warm water to make a thin consistency of the paste.

2). Apply the paste on the hair for about 30-40 minutes and let it dry. After that wash your hair with mild shampoo.

3). Let your hair dry and see the results.


You will get the best results after a few washes. The product is for all groups of age whether for children or for old people, anyone who is suffering from dandruff problem, and for both male and female.


Dandruff can be quite a resolute condition that is sometime difficult to get rid off and can come back after sometime, so we suggest you people to use the amla powder in your hair wash routine and see the results and we also suggest you to use a good shampoo for better results and use less chemical on your hair and chemical treatments like: coloring your hair, and other chemical treatments that will affect your hair in many ways like losing shining of the hair and bounciness of the hair and etc.


Our product will bring back all your natural shine of the hair and bounciness and will treat your hair in an effective manner. Your hair will be dandruff-free and at the sametime will have so many other benefits at just such a low price.


We ensure you people get a good result and healthy hair !


Amla is a natural fruit with lots of good properties and is basically known for its great properties and benefits on hair and skin. 

So book your amla powder now from one and only Vedic ayurveda. 


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