Hibiscus Powder for Hair

Introduction to Hibiscus Powder for Hair

Hibiscus is a beautiful flower which uses for various purposes in Indian households. It also includes religious purposes as well. It is not good looking from the outside only. This has many benefits to cure many health and beauty problems. It is well famous due to its attractive red color appearance and pleasant smell. Hibiscus powder is used for hair problems.

Hibiscus flower is fully rich with a lot of nutrients and anti-aging properties. These nutrients make it more effective as the remedy of many several health benefits. Hibiscus powder uses as a remedy for various skin and hair issues. It is for making tea (beverage) which is serves as hot and cold both ways. Hibiscus tea has known for its red color, tart flavor, and Vitamin C content.

About the plant

hibiscus powder for hairHibiscus belongs to the shrub family of plants cultivated for culinary and medical purposes. Hibiscus is a flowering plant from the family of Malvaceae. It is generally growing in warm temperatures, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world.

It is also popular with other names include hibiscus, rose of Sharon, and tropical hibiscus. Its flower is large, trumpet-shaped, with five or more petals, and found in various colors from white to pink, red, orange, peach, yellow and purple. Hibiscus powder using for several medicinal uses in Indian Ayurveda.

How to make Natural Hibiscus Powder for Hair

Take some amount of hibiscus flower from those places where it is cultivating organically. Wash the flower with water for removing dirt and other impurities. These Fresh flowers are left under the sunlight to dry. After all the moisture is lost from the flowers then dry leaves are then changing into a smooth powder form. For getting the micro-fine powder of Hibiscus flower further refine from the triple shifting techniques. Using these steps we get the hibiscus powder from the flowers.

Hibiscus powder for hair

Hibiscus Powder for hair

  • Its uses to prevent hair fall. This is full of amino acids, antioxidants which help to give strength to the hair by giving strength to the roots of the hair. It also helps in curing alopecia.
  • It helps to rejuvenate the hair to prevent premature graying and helps to promote the fresh growth of new cells of the hair. This nourishes the hair by giving nutrients to the scalp.
  • It uses with henna powders as a natural dye treatment. Hibiscus powder antimicrobial properties give healthy thick, denser, and shiny hair. It uses lemon juice to help to prevent dandruff without over-drying of hair.

Hibiscus powder for skin

  • It helps to cure and controls various skin problems like acne and pimples. Vitamin C and its anti-inflammatory properties present in powder help to get clear and pimple-free skin and help them to get new young skin cells which make them young again.
  • Regular use of hibiscus powder helps to protect you from the harmful UV rays from the sun. It maintains the moisture level in skin cells and controls the excess oil production to treat acne.
  • Its slightly exfoliating effect of organic acids found in plants helps to cells turnover from dead cells to new cells. This resulting in a more even-looking skin tone. Mix with yogurt and aloe Vera gel face to the small amount of hibiscus powder. It replaces the face scrubbers that cleanse the dead skin cells from the skin.

Other benefits of hibiscus

  • It uses honey and ginger to treat cold and sneezing. It is beneficial for maintaining the cholesterol level by reducing bad cholesterol increasing good cholesterol
  • Its hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic properties make it beneficial for heart problems. Hibiscus helps to manage the lower level of glycemic and lipids level of the body. They reduce any risk of blockage, cholesterol disorders, and blood circulation.

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It has no side or adverse effect of using it frequently for skin and hair. It recommends using it only 2-3 times a week. If we talk about the consumption dosage of hibiscus for adults so it is 500 mg in a day. It is taken as before meals when the stomach is empty. Tea is the best way to take it but you can consume it with water.

Overdosage of hibiscus can give you some side effects to the liver, blood pressure level to drop from the normal level, etc.
















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