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I have used few products of Vedic Ayurvedas and found the quality to be good. They have good variety of skin and hair care products. Happy with the brand for making authentic natural products
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Shalini Singh
I have used VedicAyurveda Onion oil it's helps to regrowth my hair and thickness of my hair is also increase !! Amazing Results
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Great experience!!! My hair were facing hairloss since a long time then my friend suggested me to use vedicayurvedas onion oil and damn i am greatful that I took the advice. Onion oil helped me alot in stopping my hairfall and regrowth of the hairs. Thank you so much.
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One of the most authentic herbs website. Have used their products and tested one(Indigo leaf Powder) at home to be sure of its authenticity and it was great. Packaging is nice and proper. Got it delivered on time.
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sam singania
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