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how to get Clean and Clearer Skin

Wondering about how to get Clean and Clearer Skin? Try these 10 tips and get the skin you want.

how to get clean and clearer skin

Sometimes it is difficult to know what your skin really needs in order to be as healthy as possible. Every day we remain stuck in between a lot of marketing techniques for various skincare and cosmetic products, as well as advice from social media and other beauty gurus. 


We try different hacks to get healthy skin. Some of them work and some are just bogus. The most risky thing while using different products on skin is their side-effects. Once the product does not suit our skin, It can cause severe reactions. 


So, do you want to know what exactly your skin needs? What are those hacks by which you can get clean and clearer skin?


This article will help in providing 10 tips by which you can get the glowing complexion or skin you want.

  • Wash face at least twice a day


If you have oily skin. Make a habit to wash your face at least two times a day. This ensures that your skin remains dust-free.

face wash

A study shows that once those who were having pimples and acne problems were advised to wash their face two times a day for a week. 


And when they come after a week, they have seen a drastic change in the reduction of their pimples. Now, their skin looks clearer than before. 


So, it is advisable to wash your face at least a couple of times a day.


  • Use mild cleanser


To clean your face, use a mild cleanser. Mild cleanser has less chemicals. Less chemicals means less reaction.


But I would suggest you use something natural. You can use Rose Water as a cleanser. 


After washing the face or to clean the face. use Rose water. It cleans all the dirt off your skin. 


I personally use rose water as a cleanser. Basically, I use it before applying the makeup. 


  • Application of moisturizer


How does moisturizer help in getting clean skin? Well, after face wash, using moisturizer helps in toning the skin. Now the thing that occurs is which moisturizer to use. 


Like cleanser, moisturizer also does not need to be fancy and filled with a lot of ingredients. Using expensive moisturizers and thinking that you are not affecting your skin is not true. 


Search for the moisturizer which is non comedogenic. These kinds of moisturizer do not clog your pores. 


If you have oily skin. Use lightweight moisturizer. This helps in preventing greasy  and heavy feelings.


  • Exfoliate


Exfoliation helps in reducing dead skin cells from the skin. If this dead skin stays for too long on our skin, the pores get clogged and eventually lead to breakout.


Having buildup of dead skin cells on your face can also make your skin look flaky, dull and prematurely aged.


How often should you exfoliate your skin? It totally depends upon the type of exfoliation you are doing.


The best is scrubbing and wearing masks and lotion.If you scrub then do it one to two times a week. The same with the masks and lotions. 


Do not use it over that as it can lead to overexfolaition. 


  • Get plenty of sleep


The very known fact of having skin breakout is the lack of sleep. More often, if you do not get plenty of sleep, there are 100% chances of having acne and pimples. 


How does this happen? Okay! I’ll tell you. When we don’t sleep properly. Our body releases inflammatory compounds that react with the skin and cause breakouts or worsen skin.


Getting proper sleep does not only help you in keeping you healthy externally. It is also good for you internally. 


Get at least seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night to get rid of pimples and acne.


  • Choose makeup that shan’t clog your pores


A study shows that people who use makeup more often are more likely to have skin breakouts. 


If you want to use makeup on a daily basis, make sure that you buy only those makeup products that are “non comedogenic” or “oil-free”.  


Always wash your hands before doing makeup. And also remove the makeup before going to bed. 


Regularly wash your makeup brushes and blender or sponges. 


Applying makeup more often can cause its own kind of acne. In this small raised bumps appear on the chin, forehead and cheeks. 


  • Stop yourself from picking at your skin


Yeah! I know it is pretty hard to stop yourself while picking at your skin. But you should know that picking can cause other zits to arouse.

pimple picking

If you want to get clean and clearer skin, Stop touching your face. Your hands contain germs and touching your face with those hands would definitely lead to acne. 


Picking or popping the zit can lead to the other zits to arouse. Also, if you do so. It spares the mark on the skin and then that mark never goes. It makes the skin look acne filled. 


If you have a pimple that hurts you so much, you can see a dermatologist. They do the acne treatment very safely while minimizing the risk of infection. 


  • Relax


Several studies have shown that stressing out can lead to acne. There is a direct relation between stress and acne. 


Whenever you feel stressed, try to destress you. You can do the following activities to destress you:


  • Doing exercise
  • Doing breathing exercise
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Write it out
  • Listen to your favorite music or playing an instrument


  • Quit Smoking


There is good scientific evidence linking smoking to the high risk of acne.

Once in a survey of 50 women having acne, found that 73% of women among them had acne because of smoking. The Remaining 29.4% were having because of some other issue. 


  • Change Pillowcase regularly


Changing the pillowcase regularly helps in the reduction of acne and pimples. While we sleep the dirt of our hair sticks to the pillowcase and when our skin gets touched to that pillowcase, it leaves the dirt on the skin. And hence, causes acne. 


The Bottom Line:


When it comes to get clean and clearer skin, pay attention to what you are applying on your face- makeup, moisturizer and cleanser- and what you don’t- like dirty brushes and sponges or unwanted bacteria from your fingers.


Focus on some lifestyle factors, like healthy diet, quality sleep and stress management. 


One quick tip that has no connection with your skin is changing the pillowcase once a week. It also helps in reducing acne and pimples. 

Now you know how to get clean and clearer skin. If someone asks you about it. You can give them these advises too.

The one organic and pure way to clean your skin is using natural products on skin. Vedicayurvedas is one of the brand which sells all-natural products for skin and haircare.

Hence, this is the answer to how to get clean and clearer skin with just 10 tips.

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