How to use Multani Mitti

Introduction to How to use Multani Mitti

Multani Mitti fights acne and pimples. Removes excess sebum and oil.
Vedicayurvedas Multani Mitti is 100% pure, chemical-free. It is very helpful for glowing skin. It is also blemishing-free skin and removes your stretch marks. This powder is no chemical constituents it is naturally organic and preserves your smooth hair and also preserves your skin and makes you feel fresh. So, before moving ahead let us know in brief about How to use Multani Mitti

vedicayurvedas multani mittiHow to use Multani mitti

How to use Multani Mitti Powder

  • Mix a tablespoon of fuller’s earth with a teaspoon each of honey, lemon juice, and milk.
  •  Apply onto tanned skin and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  • Now Wash with cold water to soothe skin and reduce dark spots.

For Instant Glow, you should know how to use fuller’s earth

Multani mittiGirl using multani mitti

Multani Mitti or fuller’s earth has been vouched for by many skincare experts as one of those magical ingredients for oily skin, acne, pimples, and even for dry skin, and hair care too. Dry skin types can make use of fuller’s earth as a cleanser to flush out impurities from the pores. It clears your skin of pimple-causing bacteria. It also controls the production of sebum or oil, preventing it from clogging the pores and causing acne.

Why Choose Vedicayurvedas?

Vedicayurvedas sells all natural products. We are customer oriented as our customer’s choice is our first priority. We know what our customer wants.


 It has its roots connected with spirituality and sacred science which follows the tradition of Indian Ayurvedas of healing the mind along with the body.


 We promise to sell the products which are natural and treat the skin or hairs without the usage of any harsh chemicals. There is no side effect of any of the products. 


Natural treatments are the ones which stays for longer. That’s why, We recommend you to choose Vedicayurvedas. 


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