Indigo Leaf Powder For Hair

Introduction Indigo Leaf Powder For Hair

Indigo leaf powder is one of the natural powders which are using for dyeing hair. It is common in the older age to color grey hair and it makes the habit or routine by the older people to look young. Sometimes coloring hair is important at a younger age due to the hair problem facing by the youth. It is not a permanent solution because it removes may be in a week or wears over times and requires re-applying after some days or every few weeks.

So these create too many questions in the user’s mind about how hair dyeing is applying. How frequently these dyeing are applying? Which hair dye is a better natural one or a chemical one? So don’t worry this article solves your every doubt about the coloring dyes.

About the Indigo plant

indigo leaf powder for hairIndigo is used as a dye from ancient times. It is one of the oldest usable dyes. This comes from the family Indigofera genus which consists of over 750 species of flowering plants. It is mostly shrubs and especially Indigofera tinctoria and Indigofera Suffruticosa uses for producing the leaf powder which acts as hair dye.

Mostly it contains the pinnate leaves which are aligning both sides of a common axis. It is a multi-color flowered species. Its fruit uses as a dry grain and its varying in size and shape. In the earlier times, its uses for dyeing textiles. It is also referred to as blue gold.

Which hair dye is better?

From ancient times, people used Indigo as hair coloring dyes to color hair naturally black. After some time its synthetic variation comes into the market and gained too much popularity. Many Hair experts suggest using only that Indigo hair dyes which contain 100% natural and organic indigo powder. It is preferred by the hair expert due to its less or no side or adverse effect face by the user due to no use of Ammonia or PPD which contains synthetic indigo hair dyes.

How to make Natural Indigo leaf Powder for hair?

indigo leaf powder for hairIt is a completely natural process to produce natural Indigo powder since no chemicals are required in this process. Leaves of indigo plants are plucked from the trees, left those leaves in the bowl which is fulfilled by the water. All the water changes into blue due to natural color extract dissolve into the water. This mixture is left in front of the sunlight till the leaves lost their moisture and become crispy in nature. Properly dried leaves are grind into the grinder and obtain the natural Indigo powder.

Indigo leaf Powder with Henna for hair

Indigo is a blue dye in a color that gives a blue tint on hair after applying it. So if you want to dye hair in darker shades like brown, auburn, or black. Then Henna powder apply to the hair before using an Indigo leaf powder hair pack. First, apply Henna Powder with tea or coffee water. Add yogurt or egg for conditioning. After applying the henna hair pack, the next day applies the Indigo powder hair pack. This procedure helps you get the desire natural black hair color. You can use this procedure two to three times a month.

Benefits of the Indigo Leaf Powder for hair

Uses of Indigo Leaf Powder

  • It uses as a natural hair dye, so it can be ready to replace artificial hair color dyes. It is a completely plant-based product and does not contain any harmful chemicals which assure that there are no side effects.
  • Indigo leaf powder uses as a remedy for grey hair problems. It uses coconut oil for preventing grey hair for a longer time and helps to reverse the process of graying hair.
  • It uses as a hair pack for treating dandruff problems that causing scalp infections on the head which decrease the strength of the hair lead to baldness and thin hair. Its hair oil uses with a hair pack to enhance growth.
  • It uses as the best natural conditioner which helps to treat dry and brittle hair ends. Regular uses of indigo hair oil with Indigo hair pack end up with soft, smooth, and fuller hair.

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Graying or whitening of hair is a sign of wisdom and experience for older people. It is a natural process and you don’t have to feel embrace in front of anyone. However, if anyone has the desire to look young or colored their hair to looks good. It is totally his choice and we recommend only choose the best quality of natural hair dyes.

For younger ones, if they face graying hair or any hair problems so it’s our suggestion to trying the first natural product as treatment of hair problems.











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