Multani Mitti for Face

Introduction to Multani Mitti for Face

Multani mitti is one of the major ingredients which is using in the home as a natural cosmetic product. It uses a long time in our houses for skin or face packs for glowing skin. At present this is the important ingredient for any commercial beauty product. Almost every company of beauty or cosmetic product has claimed to use natural products like Multani mitti, activated charcoal, etc. They would prevent using any type of chemical ingredients in their product. So it would much better to use directly Multani mitti as a face pack.

About the Multani Mitti

Multani Mitti for face

Multani mitti is also known as Fuller Earth in English. It is the clay that is used to decolorize oil or any liquids without using any chemical. This is also popular as bleaching clay, Whitening clay. It is the mud of Multan. Its name Multani mitti named of Multan city presently at Pakistan its origin place. It primarily contains aluminum, magnesium silicates, and some other clay minerals. This acts as a cleansing agent which able to remove oil, dirt, and impurities from the skin. It is using on the feet of soldiers during World War 2 to reduce inflammation.

Multani mitti for Face Skin

Multani Mitti for FaceIt is one of the tips for remedies of any type of skin issue which is using over generations in India. This is one of the best agents to clean and nourish the skin. It has an exceptional ability to absorb oil, dirt, sweat, and impurities and give beautiful and glowing skin. Multani mitti helps to fight against acne, pimples, sunburn, skin rashes, and infections. It is also used as remedies for blackheads, blemishes, acne spots for keeping away from the skin. This is also behaving as an antiseptic or cooling agent uses in cold compression to treat skin inflammation.

How it is useful for Skin

  • For oily skin people, it is prescribed by skin care experts to add some other organic ingredients for better results. Make the face pack Multani MItti and orange peel powder with the rosewater. This face pack recipe helps them to prevent excess oil.
  • For treating dark circle face pack of lemon peel and Multani Mitti is prescribed by a skincare expert to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. Apply this paste to the eyes and wash it with water after some time. It is also used for removing dead skin and dirt off your face by adding lime juice, brown sugar, and sabudana with Multani mitti.
  • For getting a glowing complexion make the face pack of Multani mitti, sandalwood powder, Turmeric powder with rosewater. Applying this Pack will help to remove the dust, pollutants, and chemicals which make the skin dull.
  • For Dry skin, people used Multani MItti and almond powder with the milk helps them to nourish the skin and save the skin from the harmful effects of the radiation of the sun.

It also helps them to boost blood circulation which helps them to make healthy and glowing skin.

Multani Mitti for Hair

It’s using as a cleaning agent which makes them beneficial for hair problems. It also helps them to remove dust, impurities, and dandruff from the hair. This works as a mild cleanser to clean the hair without damaging it. It also works as a hair conditioner and manages to repair the damage.

How Multani Mitti used for Hair

Multani Mitti for Face

  • For those people who have spilled ends hair use curd with Multani mitti. Make a paste of Multani mitti with curd and apply it to the hair.
  • For hair fall issues add black pepper powder, curd, Multani mitti, and mix properly. Apply this paste into the hair for giving strength to the hair.
  • For hair growth make a paste of Multani mitti with aloe vera and lemon peel powder for boosting the hair volume.
  • Dry hair is applied with curd, honey, lemon peel powder and applies to hair from root to tips.
  • For removing dandruff from the hair it is used with the fenugreek seed powder, lemon peel powder with Multani mitti. Apply this paste to hair for preventing dandruff problems.

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It is too much beneficial for the skin and face but doesn’t use too much to the regular interval. It also shows some side effects.  Due to its high absorbing power, it dehydrates the skin and makes the skin dry. Its consumption is not safe it can lead to internal bleeding which results from weak muscles and skin will be sores. So always try to avoid consuming it.












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