Natural Based Hair Color

Natural Based Hair Color

Vedicayurvedas introduced Natural Based Hair color. It is 100% Organic Hair Color. Henna Based Hair Color is made up of a composition of many natural ingredients. Certified Herbs like Amla powder, Shikakai powder, henna powder, Brahmi powder, Neutral Henna and Brahmi Leaves. Moreover,Brahmi leaves give color and helps to remove dandruff problem , hair fall, dryness, itching, early graying.

Using Henna Based Color on regular basis can help your hair:

  • In their regrowth.
  • It also adds volume to your hair
  • Makes hair shiny
  • Bouncy and healthy Hair
  • Covers your grey hairs by coloring them Black.

And do you know what? What is the best part of using natural beauty product? There are no side effect of any of the product.

Natural Based Hair Color

Nowadays, People want instant result and for that they go with hair dyes. This is to say, Using chemical product can give you instant result but it also damages your hair. It is not good for long-term result. Using regularly these products can harm your hair. It also take away all the natural protein and shine from your hair. Which makes them look freeze in a long term.

Key Features of Natural Based Hair Color:

  • Natural Color.
  • Helps to make hair softer and shiner.
  • Protect hair from damage.
  • Useful in enhancing the hair color.


Product Description (Henna Based Hair Color):


Vedicayurveda 100% Natural hair color is formulated using natural ingredients. That helps in achieving a natural hair color. It hides grey hair. It is useful in conditioning the hair and giving it a better texture.

Henna Powder


Vedicayurvedas Henna Based Hair color is 100% organic ingredients based product.  Herbs like Amla & brahmi,shikakai powder  etc. which gives you natural hair color also it protect the hair from hair problems like premature graying , Dandruff & hair fall. The product does not contain a single trace of chemical.


  • Soak Henna in lukewarm water to make an application paste.
  • Apply the paste immediately on hair.
  • Put on surgical gloves to avoid stains on hands
  • Apply paste on hair from root to top evenly leave on for 30 minutes
  • Rinse off throughout and use a hair dryer for 1-15 minutes to get better results.
  • For white hair, first color hair with henna.

Why should one try Vedicayurvedas Products?

Vedicayurvedas is a new way to connect with the beauty of nature by using the product made with natural ingredients. vedicayurvedas is very familiar to our customers. This shows that we know the right choice for our customers. We can live in harmony with our universe evolving ourselves but bring benefits to all creatures. Gives us the best Vedic product made up of 100% natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients for example Henna leaf powder, methi dana powder, and Multani powder, indigo powder, Chinni mitti, kaolin powder,reetha powder,shikakai powder, orange peel of powder, lemon peel powder, rose petal powder, charcoal powder, hibiscus powder, neem powder,mulethi powder,bhringraj powder and many more, which helps to maintain good health condition of your skin and hair.

As a suggestion I recommend you to buy the product from vedicayurvedas as it sells all-natural products.

Also, to get better hair look use natural hair serum. Read full article here: Benefits of Using Natural Hair Serum.




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