Natural Henna Dye for hair

Introduction to Natural Henna Dye for hair

Natural Henna powder is the best organic substance using as natural hair coloring and conditioning for hair. It’s commonly used named Mehendi which is widely used across all over the country by women as a dye on hair as well as for decorated their feet and hands. Natural Henna dye helps also to richness and shine of hair also gives you natural-looking hair color. There is also has a safer way to loaded hair colors and a good economical option. This does not cause any harmful effects on your body or skin.

About the Henna Plant

natural hena dye for hair

It is an evergreen plant whose scientific name is Lawsonia inermis. The henna plant has a high medicinal value not only his leaves are precious but its whole plant has its benefits. Their leaves contain several antioxidants like tannins, catechins, fatty acids, and vitamin E nutrients which too much beneficial for hair health. Oils are extracted from the flowers and while root, bark, and seed extract is sedative and deodorant value.

From the record available we found that Lawsonia Latin name of henna plants is firstly given in last years of 18 century. The color of the bark of the henna plant is grey-brown and has smooth leaves. Height-wise it is smaller in size. The flowers are quite smaller in size.

How the Natural Henna Powder for hair is making

Henna powder is prepared from the dry leaves of their plant. Leaves are collected by the plant and let left for someday in front of sunlight to dry them.  After these dried leaves are crushed by the grinder and changed into powder form. This is the recipe for pure Henna Powder for hair.  It does not contain any chemical substance like ammonia (NH3), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), or any other inorganic or synthetic substances.

Henna dye for hair  uses generally two ways

  • Natural Henna or Red Henna

    This is the natural form of henna that left the orange-reddish color after applying it.

  • Black Henna

This is made by adding some chemical colorant ingredients which left the black stain after applying it.

How Natural Henna dye is Beneficial for Hair Growth

Natural Henna Dye for hair

It is not used only for coloring purposes of hair but has several benefits of henna. Natural Henna Dye prevents hair fall due to protecting them from dandruff and makes them strong, shiny, and healthy. It also helps to fight against fungal and skin diseases due to its anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. For increasing its effectiveness and medicinal value it is used with various other organic substances such as amla powder, shikhakai powder, tulsi, reetha, neem, Multani mitti, etc.

This is used on hair making the paste with water. Henna powder is mixed with a sufficient amount of little warm water and stirs it properly for better results. Then apply this paste from the roots of the hair to the tip of the hair gently. This way nutrients can be completely absorbed by the hair. After applying to hair wash the head with little warm water after drying it.

Health Benefits of Henna

Natural Henna Dye for hairHenna has widely used as a medicinal substance. It not only uses as a hair dye for coloring hair or decorating the feet and hands of the bride or women. It is also beneficial for wound healing, anti-aging, cures fever, regulating blood pressure, arthritis, etc.

Used due to Anti-Aging quality

It contains antioxidant properties that help to reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles on the body or skin.

Used for wound healing

This is also working as a healing paste on the wound because its layer protects the skin against any microbial actions. It is also useful for sunburn due to its heat-sucking properties. For the same reason, it also helps in high-temperature fever due to its absorbing heat properties.

Used for detoxifying the body

Henna leaf water is also helpful for spleen and liver health. Work as a detoxifying agent to remove the toxins from the body.

Used as regulating blood pressure

Henna leaf water also helps to prevent plaque and clots is build on the blood vessels help in maintaining the blood pressure and cure any heart attacks and strokes.

Used by arthritis patients

Its oil is beneficial in arthritis joint pains helps to minimize the pain and gives relief to a person. It is sometimes used in headaches.

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Apart from these, it is well good for dye hair. Due to its natural Ingredients, its give less harmful for hair and skin. do the patch test before using it to know that it is allergic or not to the skin.






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