Bhringraj Leaf Combo

Bhringraj Leaf Powder for Hair Growth


Bhringraj Leaf Powder Best for Hair & Scalps Pack of 2

  •  Promoting hair growth as well as reducing the greying of hair.
  •  Reduce the signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and patchy.
  • Conditions hair and gives a cooling effect.


  1. Mix the VedicAyurveda Bhringraj Powder with warm water to apply your hair & scalps.
  2. And leave it 30-40 mints. After 40 mints wash your Hair.
  3. You can use also with VedicAyurveda Amla Powder.
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Bhringraj powder for Hair growth:

Vedicayurvedas Bhringraj leaf Powder for Hair is very effective on dry hair, it promotes the growth of your hair. It is enriched with vitamins and Antioxidants. Made up of fresh crops. It is very effective to prevent hair splits and protect your hair from chemical damage and pollution.

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This powder is very effective on dry hair, promotes hair growth, prevent hair splits and give better result if you know how to use it.

Bhringraj powder for Hair growth

How to use Bhringraj powder for Hair growth 

  • Mix the powder with warm water, gently massage into hair and leave it 30-40 minutes.
  • You can use Vedicayurveda Amla Powder to make a paste with warm water.
  • Regular use of this combination mentions the health of hair.


Bhringraj Powderhairfall


Naturally promotes the growth of Hair

It is a miraculous herb hailing from the sunflower family. Its leaves are beneficial for hair growth. It is the main ingredient of this Vedic Powder. It is popular for its multiple health benefits. This herb has miraculous benefits. It works as an all-around hair tonic. Adding a bit of eclipta alba to your hair regimen can prevent your hair from premature hair loss.


When you know How to use Bhringraj powder for Hair growth , the better result you get:

Bhringraj leaf Powder is very effective on dry hair, promotes hair growth, prevent hair splits and give better result if you know how to use it.

About Vedicayurvedas:

It has its roots connected with spirituality and sacred science which follows the tradition of Indian Ayurvedas of healing the mind along with the body.

We promise to sell products that are natural and treat the skin or hair without the usage of any harsh chemicals. There is no side effect of any of the products.


Natural treatments are the ones that stay for longer. That’s why We recommend you choose Vedicayurvedas.

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