Lemon Peel Powder+Mulethi Powder+Neem Powder+Orange Peel Pack of 4


Lemon+Mulethi+Neem+Orange Peel Pack all for Skin Pack (100gm each)

  1. Lemon peel is an excellent herb for the skin. Its good tan removing & ex’s oil.
  2.  Neem leaves powder works as an amazing toner for the skin and revamps the skin youthfulness.
  3. Mulethi Powder Gives Brighter Skin and Fairer Complexion & Control
    Excess Oil Secretion from Skin & Scalp.
  4. Orange peel has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes irritated skin.
  5. Orange peel unclogs your pores, removes blackheads, and helps in treating acne.


  • Mix 1/2 tablespoon each Vedicayurveda pack with Water or rose water Gently massage on the Face & Neck and Leave it for 35-40 Mins.
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat dry for a  Smoother, Soothing, and Beautiful Skin.
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