Reetha Powder


  • Prevents dandruff and itching of your skin
  • remove dirt and excess oil from your hair scalp
  • Retha is capable of removing acne and pimples
  • 100% Organic and natural.
  • No chemical added.
  • Helpful for making a DIY mask.


Vedicayurvedas Reetha powder is an organic and natural remedy for sort all the hair problems. Reetha is also capable to grow your lengthy hair naturally. It is also a good treatment for damaged hair. Reetha powder is a low ph value so it is mild ingredients. Regularly use Reetha powder in your hair to make your hair shiny.


  1. Make a paste of Reetha powder with warm water.
  2.  Apply all over scalp and hair, leave on for a few (30-mins) minutes.
  3. Wash your hair thoroughly with plain cool water.
  4. For more good results you can mix Vedicayurvedas Amla & Shikakai Powder.


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