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Shikakai Powder for Hair

Introduction to Shikakai Powder for Hair

Shikakai is one of those plant-based herbal medicines which are the part of traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Its means is “fruit for hair”. Shikakai Powder is especially useful for hair problems for controlling hair fall and dandruff. Its uses as a hair cleanser product in several parts of our country due to its highly beneficial for hair. It is a commonly used natural ingredient for hair cleanser because it is enriched with Vitamin C and D.

According to Ayurveda, use shikakai powder with rose water or honey helps to heal wounds faster due to its healing and cold nature. It is also in constipation due to its laxative nature and for bleeding piles due to its astringent property.

About the shikakai plant

Benefits o shikakai powder for hair

Shikakai is scientific name Acacia Concinna is a shrub that is climbers in nature. Its pods are dark brown with oblong-shaped. It has bipinnate leaves and has flowers that are in pink color. It is commonly found in warm places of the central and southern plains of India. This is also known as Shika in Tamil, Seekaaya in Telugu, and soap pod in English.

A famous Scriptures of Ayurvedic  Rah Nighantu characterizes by various names having Tikta Rasa which means bitter taste, Shita Virya means cold potency, Katu Vipka means pungent after digestion and Laghu guna means light to digest.

How to make Shikakai powder

Take some organic shikakai fruit pods. Wash them properly with water to remove dirt and impurities. Left these fruit for dried in front of sunlight. Grind into the grinder changes into powder form. Store it in an airtight glass container for further use.

By making paste it used as shampoo which is not formed a normal amount of lather like sulfate containing shampoo. It is generally a low value of pH in nature. It is also used as hair oil for better results.

How to use Shikakai Powder on hair

Make a hair pack of Shikakai powder with water or curd. Apply the paste gently to the scalp. Wash the hair with water after dry the hair pack.

Hair pack of Amla, Reetha & Shikakai applies on the hair, massage properly on the scalp to make lather, leave it off for some time, and wash with water. These hair packs work as the hair washer and natural conditioner simultaneously.

It is fully enriched with nutrients contain lactones, lupeol, saponins, etc. These herbal supplements have antidandruff, antibacterial, antifungal, cooling properties to strengthen the scalp and hair and them denser in volume.

Benefits of shikakai Powder for hair.

  • It helps to add shine and softness to the hair. Its anti-fungal properties nourished the scalp. Regular use can able to cure dandruff of them by preventing itching and dryness. It helps to grow long hair and retain the youthfulness of hair. It helps to eliminate the growth of lice on hair.
  • Shikakai Powder is fully enriching with antioxidants, Vitamins like C, A, E, and K, and other micronutrients that help fight to free radicals which are responsible for hair and scalp damage. This also helps to detangle the lock by running your finger at the time of rinsing hair.
  • It is helpful to prevent split ends which are dreadful by neutralizes the free radicals which are causing hair damage and promotes the sebum secretions which help to moisturizer your hair and prevent split ends.
  • It has anti-bacterial properties which are also making effective as a remedy for skin infections and also help them to reduce the aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. Make a face pack of shikakai with cream almond powder, honey, and turmeric, apply it on the face and get healthy and glowing skin.
  • It also helps to cure oral problems due to its high significance as an antibacterial in nature prevents tooth decay and building plaque cures gingivitis. Use as a mouthwash and do regular gargle to get relief from tooth and gum inflammation.

Vedicayurvedas Shikakai Powder

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Apart from these benefits, it has many benefits to treating many ailments like jaundice, gum infection, jaundice, etc. It is not having any side effects notice by experts but it recommends you do a patch test before using or apply on hair. It helps to save from any adverse or allergic effects.

On a hot day, its hair pack acts as a soothing effect that relieves the entire day’s tiredness and heating effect.



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