Shikakai Powder for Healthy Hair

 Amazing Benefits Of shikakai Powder

Shikakai, also called Acacia concinna is a hair fruit commonly found in India. It is the secret of our traditional beauty. Rich with Vitamin A, C,D, K, antioxidant, and natural hair cleansing properties, Shikakai is used in several parts of India from ancient times to get healthy and problem-free hair. If you go and ask your grandma about shikakai, she will let you know about the amazing benefits of washing hair with natural Shikakai and Shikakai products.

Vedicayurvedas Shikakai Powder

You would be amazed to know about the benefits of Shikakai and how useful Shikakai is for hair.

  1. Shikakai makes your hair silky, smooth, and shiny

Shikakai has rich amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, and saponins which make your hair silky, smooth, and shiny. This is a natural cleanser that improves the texture of your hair by cleansing your hair scalp mildly and gently.

    2. Shikakai helps to prevent dandruff.

Dandruff is a common hair problem, especially in winters. What we don’t do to get rid of this stubborn dandruff. This time use Shikakai for hair to get dandruff free scalp. The antifungal properties of Shikakai that helps in getting rid of dandruff for sure.



3. Shikakai boosts your hair growth

Long hair makes you look more pretty and attractive. Who else doesn’t want long hair, do not just want long hair, try to do it. No no. no need to go for expensive shampoo and oils. Use Shikakai which is easily available in any grocery shop. The natural cleansing properties of Shikakai helps to reduce hair loss and boost your hair growth. It helps to detangle your hair and reduce breakage of hair and thus less hair fall.

4. Shikakai reduces hair-splitting.

Splitting is a common problem for many of us. Is hair-splitting also freaking you out? If yes. Start using Shikakai today.
Hair straightening, smoothing, coloring, and other chemical hair treatment causes split ends in hair. There is no way to get rid of hair split, once you have it. We go for several haircuts in the hope that it will not appear when hair grows long. But this is not the solution, hair splits reappear when hair grows out. Shikakai with the properties of antioxidants and natural hair cleanser helps to neutralize the damage of hair. It also helps in moisturization of hair, by promoting sebum secretion in hair scalp.

5. Shikakai prevents greying of hair

The stressful life and pollution lead to premature hair greying. Together with that several chemical treatments, heat treatment, and chemical-based hair products also promote greying of hair. Shikakai helps to delay this premature greying and nourishes and heals the scalp. Thus Shikakai is of great use of hair.

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6. Shikakai works as a natural hair cleanser
The natural cleanser properties of shikakai help to cleanse all the impurities and dirt of hair. Use Shikakai for hair wash and get dirt-free moisturized hair.

7. Shikakai treats with itchy scalps.

Shikakai is rich with antimicrobial and antifungal properties which help to keep away from many hair problems like itchy scalp, scalp eczema, inflammation, and dandruff.

8. Shikakai deals with hair lice

Lice are not only found in long hair but sometimes it is also found in short hairs. Maybe you are not suffering from hair lice, if your known and loved person has the problem of head lice, share this remedy with them, Shikakai treats it with hair lice and helps to get rid of it.

So, Make sure to have Shikakai products in your wardrobe to get long, shiny, healthy, and beautiful hair.

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