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natural color black hair kit box
Natural Color Black Hair Kit 100% Pure
How to Use of natural black color kit

Natural Black Color For Hair

(31 customer reviews)


Key Features
  • 100% Herbal Hair Color
  • Ayurvedic Solution for Natural Black
  • No Ammonia No Chemical Added
  • Makes for the ideal hair color for both men and women.
  • Enrich with Natural Ingredients Henna, Indigo, Chamomile, Manjistha, Amla, Neutral Henna, Fenugreek, Brahmi, Cassia, Rubia.
  • Do not increase grey hairs, Regain the shiny luster of your hair.


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Natural Black Color

Vedicayurveda want to make your hair healthy and shiner, Natural Black Color is the ayurvedic herbal solution for your hair, natural Black color hair dye is the best organic color kit in this color kit so many ingredients mix like RUBIA, INDIGO, CASSIA, HENNA, FENUGREEK, CHAMOMILE, BRAHMI, AMLA, no chemical additives in this natural black color kit. That’s why Vedic Ayurveda launched a new product for hair color natural Color Black hair kit.

No Ammonia, Peroxide, PPD, Parabens, Silicones, this is 100%pure natural herbal base black hair color.

natural Black color hair kit box

this will color your hair, cover grey hair and it will give you natural black hair, you will feel like really it is natural when you start using this product.

Natural black color hair kit

(Indigo for Hair) is 100% natural? It is very useful for hair growth and your hair color also. Indigo leaf powder is a micro-fine powder in the process of indigo leaves. It cures your hair dandruff and hair texture. Men and Women both are used for this product.

Heena Leaf Powder helps in providing for the complete Nourishment of the Scalp and the Hair follicles. Henna Leaf Powder for Hair  This product helps to treat Dandruff in the most natural manner and also helps to do away with a number of Scalp problems. Further, it provides for an effective Natural Conditioner for the Hair and makes them Shiny.

Vedicayurvedas is a 100% natural organic product to keep your hair shining and healthy. Amla Powder shows its better result if we know better about how to use Amla Powder.

Brahmi Powder for hair is 100% organic in nature. It contains no chemicals, no pesticides and no synthetic fertilizers. 100% pure and is a completely natural hair treatment method. Firstly, It gives you color, prevents hair loss, dandruff, and is suitable for hypoallergenic people.

Vedicayurvedas Fenugreek Seed Powder is 100% natural. It is free from harmful chemicals naturally. Helpful for hair growth and reducing hair loss. It also helps with hair dryness, dullness, splits ends. effective in making the hair strong from its roots and dealing with follicular problems. These seed fights irritation on the scalp and dandruff, which are two main reasons for hair loss.

Natural Color Black Benefits:-

natural hair color.

Helps to Make hair softer and shiner.

Protect hair for damage.

Useful in enhancing the hair color.

The texture of the product’s powder base.

Natural Black color hair kit ingredients


Vedicayurveda 100% Natural Black Color is formulated using ingredients that help in achieving a natural hair color while hiding grey hair. It is useful in conditioning the hair and giving it a better texture. Indigo leaf powder is one of the natural powders which are used for dyeing hair.  Henna Leaf Powder is 100% organic and chemical-free natural powder. Brahmi Powder helps provide strength and nourishment through the scalp. Amla powder is grow your natural hair color, keeps your hair shiny and healthy. Fenugreek Seed Powder is helpful for hair growth and reducing hair loss, also helps with hair dryness, dullness, splits ends. Cassia deals with thin hair or damaged hair. Chamomile powder cleansing and moisturizing properties help relieve your scalp of itchiness. Rubia powder is also used for grey hair problems and hair loss issues. All Ingredients are in one Hair Kit to Provide all kinds of your Solution. natural Black color  So You Can Enjoy all of Us and You will Surely Love it. VedicAyurvedas always Provide the Best Product for your Hair and Skin.

How to Use

How to Use of natural black color kit

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31 reviews for Natural Black Color For Hair

  1. Abhishek khandelwal

    I Love My Hair… For Using Natural black Color this is Long Protection from grey hair.

  2. Aditya dasun

    Good and its so amazing natural color black hair kit and it complete suitable for hair it is easy to use it so amazing I cant describe in word. A very thankful to Vedicayurvedas. So I suggest everyone to use this hair color.

  3. Amit syal

    Nice product Too early to say about the quality of the product.

  4. ankit garun

    इस्तेमाल में आसान है और मुझे प्राकृतिक हेयर किट पसंद है|

  5. aryan sanjesh

    Natural product is good but too costly as there are lots of product in the market with same quantity and quality.

  6. mahesh tanik

    Great natural hair color kit product and packaging.

  7. Tanya grover

    Good product natural hair color kit easy to use thanks vedicayurvedas.

  8. varsha sharma

    My parents liked it. It is easy to use and they are looking more fabulous now after using natural black hair kit. Thank u vedicayurvedas

  9. yash dangori

    आसानी से बालों इस्तेमाल किया जाता है| यह बालों के लिए अच्छा है| मेरा सुझाव है, आप भी ले|

  10. priyasharma

    It is a natural black hair kit easy to use for hair

  11. jyoti

    Best for my grey hair natural black hair kit.

  12. kashish

    Natural black hair kit good herbal products. Easy to use and best results for my hair.

  13. Rishita Sharma

    नेचुरल हेयर कलर किट मेरे बालो के लिए बहुत अच्छा है| इससे बाल बहुत सुन्दर और घने होते है| मुझे तो पसन्द है|

  14. Mayank Deshpandey

    This natural black hair color kit is amazing. After using this my grey hair turns into black. It has zero side effects, so it is recommended to all.

  15. Sanjana Soni

    Perfect! I ordered this natural black hair kit for my father and after using it he was completely happy with the product.

  16. Zyan

    Natural black hair color kit is the best product 👌
    It is easy to use. I will recommend this to anyone who want to color hair naturally.

  17. Sneha Bhardwaj

    Natural black hair color Just wow… go for it…

  18. Virat Sharma

    Nice… Natural black color hair kit and I feel the smoothness in my hair.

  19. Rishabh

    I like it…. natural black hair color kit – pure ingredients and chemical free

  20. RK.Sharma

    I use natural hair color kit product its very frequently and I like it as it quite natural product.

  21. Sholay Sharma

    Very good product and you should know the right way to apply it to get excellent results. Satisfied with the natural hair color kit product.

  22. Neha Verma

    Natural hair color kit cover my all grey hair. coverage is excellent.

  23. Shivani Deshmuk

    I bought natural black hair color kit for my Dad , in search of chemical free hair kit, so my dad like the hair kit and i like to… Thank you vedicayurveda

  24. Niharika Sharma

    Expensive best!! Natural hair color kit works well for grey coverage.

  25. Nikita Janki

    I have premature grey hair and was looking for natural hair kit. I tried this hair color kit and it gave me perfect grey coverage. No side effects for me.

  26. Gogoi Jayanta

    Good product natural hair color kit I used this feel so good I used earlier few other brand but not get that satisfactory result but now this time wooow. Thanku vedicayurveda for this wonderful. Highly Recommend.

  27. Rahul

    Vedicayurveda natural hair color kit is good choice for hair its made100% natural ayurvedic ingredients. I am so happy with this hair kit.

  28. Shourya

    Ease of use, there was no side effects like itching, etc. applying and washing the hair was a very simple and easy task. Natural hair color kit is awesome…

  29. Pooja Sharma

    I ordered this vedicayurveda natural black hair color kit for my mother and after using it she was completely satisfied with the product and happy. Product gave her hair the best look. I recomend it.

  30. Kavita Prakash

    This natural black hair kit is really wonder… After using this my grey hair turns into black .. no side effects… no itching.. really recommend this to all. Go for it , try once u will definitely see different. In one wash only.

  31. zoritoler imol

    I haven?¦t checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I?¦ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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