Soft Black Hair Color (Natural)

Henna Soft Black Hair Color- 100% Organic Hair Color

Soft black hair Color

Natural Henna Hair color soft blackVedicayurveda Organic Henna Soft Black Hair Color is 100% organic in nature. It contains no chemicals, no pesticides, and no synthetic fertilizers. It is 100% pure and is a completely natural hair treatment. It gives you color, prevents hair loss, dandruff, and is also suitable for hypoallergenic people

This is used on hair making the paste with water. Henna powder is mixed with a sufficient amount of little warm water and stirs it properly for better results. Then apply this paste of Soft black hair Color from the roots of the hair to the tip of the hair gently.

Natural Henna powder is the best organic substance using as natural hair coloring and conditioning for hair. It’s commonly used named Mehendi which is widely used across all over the country by women as a dye on hair as well as for decorated their feet and hands. Natural Henna dye helps also to richness and shine of hair also gives you natural-looking hair color. There is also has a safer way to loaded hair colors and a good economical option. This does not cause any harmful effects on your body or skin.